The Art of Closing the Personal Video Call

Annie Clark

March 14, 2022

Abandoned Cart

You’ve just finished a personal video call with a customer and you – or your team – have nailed it. Depending on several factors – the strength of the call, the seriousness of the shopper and more – you might be in one of  four stages of securing conversions and building long-lasting repeat customers:  

  1. No Items Added to Cart
  2. Abandoned Cart 
  3. Abandoned Checkout 
  4. Order Complete 

When it comes to sales there is no waiting game – having an airtight and optimized follow up strategy is essential for increasing sales. The best approach here uses personal clienteling and marketing tools such as abandoned cart flows and other triggered emails to not only recover the shopping cart and checkout but create a personalized and curated experience for your customer. Boutiq is ready to help you and your sales team at every step along the way. Here are the best ways to follow up post-video calls and lead your customer through checkout.

An Empty Cart? Continue the Conversation

When a video call ends and no items are added to the shopping cart – not all faith is lost. Perhaps there was a conversation about other products, upcoming needs or wants for something specific, or context clues that gave you insight into what that customer was looking for. Your sales associate is your greatest resource as they are the most familiar with details from the call and know what might suit your client; that’s the beauty of personal touch in a digital setting. 

When the call is over, your sales associate can create a Shopping Cart for your customer via the Boutiq Host App - based on the items that were shared in the Showroom and/or based on the conversation they just add. They can then include a link to the Shopping Cart in their follow-up email.

This scenario has two potential follow ups:

  1. Send a personalized thank you note – post-video call – that creates a strong customer connection between themselves and the brand, while also allowing the sales associate to make more suggestions in the thank you email. This is also a great time to schedule a second call to see if your team can close the deal. 
  2. The second option is automated. Depending on the volume of calls your team is hosting, not every salesperson will be able to personalize a note. Instead send an email and invitation to schedule a follow up call whenever a cart is left empty. This reminds customers of their options, while saving the sales team the manual labor of personalizing each email.

Abandoned Cart? Push the Needle Forward

Picture this: you’ve had a successful personal video shopping call where items were added to cart. The only hiccup is that checkout hasn't started and you have an abandoned-cart on your hands. At this point, the client's email address is not available in Shopify for any automated email flows, but this is where your sales associate comes in! Fortunately, you do have the client’s email address from the call, and Boutiq has the abandoned cart link available for your sales associate to initiate a follow up. Here’s what to do next:

Send a personalized thank you to the client using the email from the call, and the link to the abandoned cart. Offer an option to schedule a follow up call. (and if appropriate, maybe even throw a small discount in.)

"The most successful sales teams make follow up as personal as the video shopping experience – that’s why customers choose to utilize the channel in the first place."

Boutiq abandoned cart follow-up

Checkout Started? Close the Sale

If the customer began checkout but hasn’t completed their order, you’re looking at an abandoned checkout. According to Baymard Institute, 69.57% of ecommerce shopping carts are abandoned. Capturing that extra revenue by recovering those orders could result in significant sales. 

Fortunately, recovery at this point is fairly simple. The customer has entered personal information (including their email) while beginning the checkout process. This signals to Klaviyo, or another email marketing provider, that it can work its magic, triggering an automated abandoned checkout flow. While an automated email has been sent, your sales team still has the opportunity to send an additional personalized note to close the sale.

Order Complete? Think LTV and Post-Purchase Flows

Congratulations! Your customer has completed checkout and you have an order. If you have it set-up, your post-purchase email flow will automatically trigger. However, your job is not done. Long-term customer relationships are crucial for retention. Here’s how to continuously engage with your existing client and inspire repurchase:

You can customize the Klaviyo post-purchase email flow and automate the email copy for specific events. For example, if the order came from a Boutiq personal video shopping (as opposed to the online store), you’ll want to reemphasize the personal relationship, including a personalized thank you note and an invitation to book again.

Wrap it Up

Following up can be a delicate dance between a brand and a customer. You don’t want to overwhelm or inundate your client with sales noise, but according to a study by Hubspot 80% of all sales requires at least 5 follow ups. Going beyond automated emails, the most successful sales teams make follow up as personal as the video shopping – that’s why customers choose to utilize the channel in the first place. Personal video shopping allows for much more effective shopping, while also building long lasting customer and brand relationships. Making effective follow up part of your strategy can help conversion rates, average order value and return rates in the long run.

To learn more on how to close with personal video shopping, book a Boutiq demo.

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