3 Ways to Unlock Success through Email Marketing & Personal Video Shopping

Annie Clark

January 17, 2022

Email Marketing and Personal Video Shopping drive sales

For brands looking to scale their business through personal video shopping, integrating with email marketing platforms like Klaviyo is a must. Email marketing is a very powerful tool and for some merchants, it makes up 35% of total revenue – no small sum. In any business, especially those online, if you aren’t moving forward then you risk falling behind – and so does your revenue. Boutiq upgrades your existing email (and SMS) marketing with easy integrations that help book more personal shopping calls (which in turn can help convert more abandoned carts) and convert abandoned carts from previous personal video shopping. If you’re curious about integrating personal video shopping through email marketing, here are three key elements to focus on:

1. Increasing personal video shopping engagement
2. Converting more personal video shopping calls
3. Optimizing your store's conversion and increasing LTV

Ready to get started? Here’s how to perfect your email marketing strategy with personal video shopping…

Leveraging Email Marketing is Key to Booking Video Shopping Appointments  

Make taking advantage of personal video shopping a no brainer for your customers by including regular reminders in your email marketing campaigns. Personal video shopping is still new and exciting to many customers, and for some unknown. Increasing personal video shopping engagement makes booking appointments more likely. This is most easily accomplished through the inclusion of email banners that you can add onto any new campaign as a header or footer but can and should also be part of your email content. Customers who are already on your email lists may not be aware that you offer personal video shopping and therefore your business loses out on conversions and revenue. Excite your customers by providing a short description of the video shopping channel, or a personal invitation for a VIP consultation. Once you’ve created the banners (or several), Klaviyo makes it easy to insert the media, add links and allow subscribers to start booking appointments. 

If you’re already using Klaviyo or another email/SMS marketing tool, it’s likely you have automatic flows in place. These can range from welcome emails, abandoned cart, browse abandonment, post-purchase, birthday notifications and more. These flows are easy to set up and make each customer (and their shopping journey) feel unique and special. By nurturing this relationship with automated campaigns, you’re able to engage the customer further through personal video shopping prompts. 

You’ve launched personal video shopping for your online store, and now it’s time to advertise it. Create regular and video shopping specific email campaigns that walk customers through the process. Converting your customers into video shopping clients can result in additional revenue beyond email marketing. Customers are eager to see more product details and while they can’t necessarily try on or test an online product, offering a unique platform where they can have a better idea of what they’re looking at will make them more likely to convert. Use email/SMS marketing to inform your customers on personal video shopping and motivate them to book an appointment. This can be once a week, once a month or quarterly evergreen campaigns that reinforce the benefits of personal video shopping.

Unlock Personal Video Shopping Conversions with Email Marketing

Once your team has booked and hosted personal video calls with customers, there are typically one of three outcomes:
1. The client purchased something on the call
2. The cart was populated but the client did not complete the checkout (“abandoned cart”)
3. The client finished the call with no items in the cart

Each of these results can trigger a specific email marketing flow allowing your team to drive home conversions. Creating a post-purchase flow from a personal video shopping call is easy thanks to Boutiq’s integration with Shopify and email marketing tools such as Klaviyo. The flows are automatic but in order to increase conversions, you should plan to customize each email. For example, you can edit automated post-purchase flows to circle back to the personal video shopping experience. Adding the customer’s name and a “It was great to see you!” continues to make the customer experience feel personal.

Next, for abandoned cart flows, you’re also able to utilize Klaviyo’s automation and can take a similar approach, making the email personal. For specifics, you can check the deployment-guide on how to fork the Klaviyo behavior in this case.

If your client didn’t convert on the call and didn’t leave items in their cart, you can schedule automated “Thank You” flows that ask clients to rate their experience, offer a discount or prompt them to book another video call. A follow-up invitation is always a great next step, especially in the beauty and skincare industry where clients will be looking to replenish their purchase after a certain amount of time. Keeping customers engaged in personal video shopping will help build long-lasting relationships.

"Optimizing your email marketing campaigns to push personal video shopping appointments can educate and inspire customers to engage with your brand while increasing their lifetime value."

Take Email Marketing Conversions to the Next Level with Personal Video Shopping

Now that you’ve created email flows that increase personal video engagement and conversions, there’s more you can do to keep these customers in the sales funnel. Personal Video Shopping is a great channel to augment your email marketing campaigns. Optimize existing email marketing flows to close customers who were ready to convert online and invite them to a personal video call. When a customer is close to making a sale online, it’s no different than in-store. A little TLC can go a long way and your team’s expertise can be what drives home the sale.

For clients who already purchased an item, now is the time to keep them engaged. Build a strong customer/client relationship by inviting them to a VIP personal video call. Depending on the industry this can be a timed frequency (for clothing, think seasonal collections, for beauty it can be every month to order refills). Creating interpersonal relationships with your customers will result in a higher lifetime value as they stay engaged with your brand.

Ready, Set, Book

Effective email marketing has the power to drive sales. In today’s retail environment where the human touch is lost in digital spaces, it’s essential that you’re also driving customer relationships. Optimizing your email marketing campaigns to push personal video shopping appointments can educate and inspire customers to engage with your brand while increasing their lifetime value. While these recommendations are specific to email marketing, they can and should be applied to SMS marketing, which is quickly gaining in popularity and available via Klaviyo and similar platforms. Starting with just a few email campaigns, banners and automatic flows, and, yes, SMS marketing, you can create and personalize the customer experience – launching your business into success.

To learn more on how email and SMS marketing work hand in hand with personal video shopping, book a Boutiq demo.

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