Boutiq Testing Guide

This document provides guidelines on how to test the Boutiq Shopify app after installation. It assumes you already installed Boutiq on your online store (or staging) and completed the onboarding steps:
- [optionally] Added Boutiq element to your store theme
- [optionally] Invited a Host (in addition to yourself)
- Chose a subscription plan and started the 14-day free trial

What to Test

The testing guidelines are intended to:
- provide you with the basic overview of the platform’s capabilities 
- make sure it works as expected with your Shopify-based online store, and
- take no more than a few minutes...

There are three areas we cover:
1. Making Your First Video Call
   1.1  Host App
   1.2. Simple Video Call
2. While You're on the Call
   2.1  Client Profile and Product Search
   2.2 Showroom and Shopping Cart
   2.3 Checkout
3. More Magic to Test...
   3.1  Appointment Scheduling
   3.2 Dashboard (and Settings)

Other Resources

For additional information you can also review our FAQ page.
You can also always contact us at

1. Making Your First Video Call

1.1 Host App

Let’s start by making sure someone is available to answer incoming video calls - go to the Boutiq Host App and login: 
- If the Host is the app installer/admin, log-in using your Boutiq account created during onboarding
- If the Host is another person (invited by the Admin), an account will be created as part of the invite process.
- Make sure your status is Available (to receive video calls)
- Make sure to allow notifications (this is how you’ll know a video-call is coming in)

1.2 Simple Video Call

Next, let’s simulate a simple video call between a Client and a Host (you or one of your sales associates):

- If you’re testing alone, you’ll need two desktops/laptops and web browsers to simulate a video-call - one for the Client and one for the Host (for the best experience we recommend using the biggest screen that is convenient - typically a laptop/desktop or a tablet. For iPads and iPhones you can download the Boutiq app from the Apple App Store.
- If you’re testing with another person, one of you can be the Host and the other can be the Client - each with her/his own laptop
- Make sure the Host status is set to Available on her/his device
- If you already installed the Boutiq Element (e.g. widget) on your storefront (or staging) then:
     - From the Client browser, go to your store and start the Boutiq video call by clicking the element you installed during the onboarding process
     - Fill your information and start the call
- If you did not install the Boutiq element yet, you can use a Call Link from the Boutiq Admin: 
     - Go to Call Links (on the left-hand menu)
     - Copy the default link that is there (it would look like https://[your Shopify store URL]/boutiq)
     - Email it to the testing Client
     - Then on the Client browser use the link to start the call
- On the Host browser, accept the call
- That’s it - you just brought your online store to LIFE. Enjoy the call…
- If both devices are in the same room, make sure to mute the video-call on at least one of them (otherwise you’ll get an echo…)

2. While You're on the Call

2.1 Client Profile and Product Search

Let’s explore some of the capabilities available on the Host (sales associate) side and make sure the integration with your Shopify store is seamless:

To test the Client Profile feature, you need the following:
- Have some client information in your store (we pull the information from Shopify)
- When you start the video call, make sure to use an email address that is in your Shopify Customers database
- After you start the call, the Host will be able to see all the client profile information (metrics, recent purchases, browsing history, personalized recommendations) based on what we can pull from Shopify
- Alternatively, from the Host side you can search for a client by typing her email in the search box (make sure to choose the CLIENTS option in the toggle at the top-right)

To test the Product Search feature:
- From the Host side, choose the PRODUCTS option in the toggle at the top-right
- Search (by name or keyword) for one of your products
- You should see the list of matching searches - pick the relevant one 
- Click on a product image in the search results to see full product details

2.2 Showroom and Shopping Cart

One of the cool Boutiq features is the ability to interact with your clients using the interactive Showroom and then edit the Shopping Cart together:
- From the Host screen search for one of the products in your online store
- On the Client screen you should see the product being added
- Click on that product to see more product information
- Clicking on the image now will lead you to the detailed product description
- Repeat with other products as you wish
- Clients can also search for products and add them to the Showroom - on the Host screen you should see the product being added when this happens.
- You can also test deletion of items from the Showroom

From the Showroom, products can be added to the in-app interactive Shopping Cart:
- Both the Host and the Client can add products to the Client’s cart and both can see all changes made on either side.
- Select any product in the showroom to bring up the detailed product info sidebar
- Choose the product variants (e.g. size, color)
- Click on the Cart tab. The Cart view should display all products, selected variants, quantities and total amount.

2.3 Checkout

Of-course the goal of every sales call is to close a sale… to test the checkout process follow these steps:
- Make sure there’s at least one item in the Boutiq in-app Shopping Cart. 
- Then when you’re ready, on the Client side, go to the Cart view and click the Checkout button 
- A new tab will open in which you can follow your standard Shopify checkout process
- When checkout is complete return to the video-call tab
- On the Host side, you should get a notification when the Client starts and completes the checkout process.
- As an Admin, you can filter and see all the orders marked with the “Boutiq” tag in your Shopify Admin UI orders list

3. More Magic to Test...

3.1 Appointment Scheduling

With Boutiq, Clients can start a video call either on the spot from your storefront, or by scheduling an appointment. To test scheduling follow the steps below.

On the Client side:
- From the Client browser click the Boutiq element (e.g. widget) or use the default Call Link
- Choose the “Schedule for later” option
- Pick a time slot and click Schedule
- You can now copy the call link and/or add it to the Client calendar

On the Host app:
- You will see a notification that a new appointment has been requested by a Client
- On the “Your Calls” table you will see the call as Pending 
- Click “Assign to me” and the meeting is now confirmed

At the time of the meeting, the Client can use the link to call you (the Host who accepted the appointment) directly.

3.2 Dashboard (and Settings)

After you make some calls and checkout go to the Boutiq Dashboard on Boutiq’s Shopify Admin app to see the information presented there - both KPIs and charts:
- Call metrics (e.g. number of calls, duration, ...)
- Sales metrics (e.g. total sales, number of orders, AOV, conversion rate, ...)
- Advanced sales intelligence tools (e.g. airtime analysis)
- For detailed call history information, click Call History (on the left navigation bar)

The Settings view will allow you to:
- View your Hosts status and invite new Hosts
- View your subscription status and usage

Now it's time to bring your online store to LIFE!
We’d love to hear your feedback!

The Boutiq team