Frequently Asked Questions


What is Boutiq?

Boutiq is a magical, video-based, shopping experience platform for virtual personal retail. Boutiq’s Virtual Guideshop enables omni-channel retailers to better engage, serve, and convert their customers online by providing a more personal service, resulting in higher revenue, brand value and customer satisfaction.

How is Boutiq different from video conferencing solutions?
How is Boutiq different from messaging and chat solutions?

Boutiq is not just a Zoom-like video call or yet another chat/messaging service for retailers’ websites. It’s a magical video-based shopping experience platform.

Seamlessly (and effortlessly) integrated into the retailer website with flexible scheduling and/or ad-hoc video call launch, Boutiq launches a slick-looking video call floating window on top of the retailer website.

On the sales-associate / host-side, a complete customer profile is presented with key metrics, purchase history, browsing history, and personalized recommendations.
An interactive showroom empowers the sales associates to guide the customer through the shopping experience including assisted shopping-cart and checkout (like in the physical store!) and even virtual try-on and social shopping with friends.

After the call, a comprehensive set of sales intelligence tools takes care of automatic actions such as post-call emails and follow-up scheduling as well as transcripts and analytics for training and sales efficiency measurement and optimization.

Installation and Onboarding

How do I install Boutiq?

Boutiq is a Shopify app and follows the standard Shopify app installation process:
- From the Boutiq app listing click “Add app”
- Follow the instructions and accept the terms
- Add Boutiq to your online store (so clients can start video-calling you)
- Invite hosts (so your sales associates can answer the video-calls)
- Start your 30-day free trial
- here you are.

Where should I place the Boutiq widget/button/link?

It’s up to your preference. We offer a couple of simple/easy options as well as a fully-customized alternative:
- Widget - you can install the Boutiq app as a floating widget on top of all of your store pages.
- Link - you can embed a call link in any element on your store (e.g. buttons, images, text) - this is the best fit when you use the Shopify theme editor to create and edit pages
- Custom code - you can install the Boutiq app as any type of element (e.g. button, link, …) anywhere on your store using custom code. This is the best fit when you’re comfortable customizing your pages using the page source.

Can I customize the Boutiq widget?

Yes. In the Boutiq Admin UI under Settings go to Client Experience / Online Store Settings. There you can select the widget color and (optional) helper text. You’ll be able to preview how it looks at the bottom-right corner of the page.
Under the Advanced menu you can also control the widget automatic behavior (e.g. when and how the helper text expands).

How can I configure campaigns?

You can use campaigns to increase engagement and promote virtual shopping experiences to your store's visitors.
You can create unique campaigns - each with a customized appearance, messaging, trigger conditions and action. For each campaign, you can configure the triggers based on the URL, time spent on the page, and/or whether the store is within business hours. 
The campaign will pop-up proactively based on your triggers and will encourage your store visitor to start a call and/or schedule one.

Can I customize the Boutiq app styling?

Yes. In the Boutiq Admin UI under Settings go to Client Experience / Client App Settings. There you can select the accent color, add your logo, and also choose whether the corner style is sharp or round to better fit your storefront styling.
You can also customize the welcome screen by choosing a background, uploading a logo, editing the copy/text, and showing host profile pictures.
If you require additional styling changes please contact us at

What is a Boutiq story?
What are the specs for the Boutiq story video clip?

Many of your clients likely have not experienced a Boutiq call before and they likely don’t know what to expect. Uploading a short video-clip (Boutiq story) is an opportunity to (1) welcome them to your store, and (2) educate them on what to expect on the video call.
For the best fit, we recommend:
- A short video (anywhere from 10-15 seconds up to 20-30 seconds)
- taken in portrait mode (using a phone works great)
- Messaging/copy that combines personal welcome and short introduction to the service
After you upload the video, we will automatically process it to fit the screen and device.

What modes of operation and availability can I use Boutiq for?
Can I allow Boutiq calls by appointment only?

You can deploy Boutiq in one of two availability modes - depending on what fits your operational needs (e.g. hosts availability and other host responsibilities) better:
- Accept both instant calls and scheduling appointments - in this (default) mode clients can choose either to start a video call on the spot or to schedule an appointment for a later time/day
- By appointment only - in this mode clients can schedule a virtual personal shopping experience with one of your hosts for a later time but they cannot just start a video call on the spot.
You can set the availability mode in the Boutiq Admin UI: under Settings go to Availability and business hours settings.

Can I configure availability and business hours?

Yes. In the Boutiq Admin UI under Settings go to Availability and business hours settings. There you can configure your business days and hours.
- During business hours clients can start video calls to your available hosts by clicking the Boutiq element (e.g. widget)
- During non-business hours, the Boutiq element on your store will redirect clients to leaving a message or scheduling a call
- Regardless of business hours settings, hosts can invite clients to personal calls at any time.

Can I configure appointment duration and how far out clients can schedule an appointment?

Yes. In the Boutiq Admin UI under Settings go to Availability and business hours settings and then click Advanced. There you can set:
- How long will appointment slots be when presented to your clients when they schedule an appointment (note that in practice you can continue the call beyond the scheduled slot - the call will not disconnect by itself).
- How many days out your clients can schedule an appointment to (one to fourteen days).

Can I include a pre-call questionnaire or form for the client?

Yes. There are a couple of ways to do that:
- You can include a link to a questionnaire/form (e.g. Google Form) when you customize the email notifications
- You can also include a link to a questionnaire/form in the confirmation message the client sees on the screen after confirming an appointment

Can I manage and customize email notifications?

Yes. In the Boutiq Admin UI under Settings go to Notifications. There you can control:
- Whether email notifications are sent to your clients when they schedule appointments, hosts reschedule appointments, and so on.
- Reply-to email
- Customize the emails styling (logo, accent color)
- Add additional custom message to email confirmations (e.g. link to pre-call questionnaire, pre-call instructions, and/or any other store-specific message)

Can I use a non-Shopify checkout?
I have some custom Shopping Cart options, can I use them with Boutiq?

Yes. Boutiq supports more than one Shopping Cart and Checkout options. By default, when a client clicks “Checkout” from the Boutiq app, the standard Shopify checkout page is opened and they can complete the checkout process there. 
In some cases, you might want to use a different target checkout page. For example, if you use a non-Shopify checkout process (e.g. Global-e) or if your Shopping Cart has some custom options (e.g. in-store pickup via apps such as Zapiet).
From the Boutiq Admin UI under Settings, go to Client Experience and then Client checkout. There you can choose to set the checkout target page to be either your Cart or a custom page.

Do you support languages other than English?

Yes. Currently, in addition to English, we also support French, German, and Italian.
More to come… please reach out to us at

Our service is not exactly a Virtual Personal Shopping Experience. Can I change the service terminology my clients see?
We prefer to call our Hosts in a different name (e.g. Sales Associates). Can I change the terminology my clients see?

Yes. In the Boutiq Admin UI under Settings go to Service terminology. There you can change the following terms:
- Service name (e.g. “You have scheduled a virtual personal shopping experience with [STORE NAME]”)
- Host name (e.g. “Your hosts can add products they recommend”)

How can I start receiving and answering Boutiq Calls?

During the Boutiq app installation process you will add Boutiq to your online store (so clients can start video-calling you) and invite hosts (so your sales associates can answer the video-calls). At that point, your store is ready to receive video calls.
When a client browses through your online store, she can start a call by clicking the Boutiq widget/button that you installed. That call will be received by the hosts (your sales associate) if they are available and the call will start immediately.
Of-course you can also schedule and communicate with your clients separately and start the Boutiq video call not through the online store.
We recommend going through our testing guide to make sure everything works as expected.

Do I need to upload my products to the system? How can I see which products are in the system?

You don’t need to do anything special. After you install the Boutiq app on your online store, we can access the products you have in your store and make them available to both the host and the client during their video call.
We recommend going through our testing guide to make sure everything works as expected.

Do I need to upload my clients to the system? How can I see which clients are in the system?

You don’t need to do anything special. After you install the Boutiq app on your online store, we can access the clients you have in your database and make them and their information available to the host during the video call.
The host will see the client profile based on either:
- Automatically if the client was logged in to your online store
- Automatically if the client entered her name / email address when starting the call and that information matched an existing client account
- Manually by searching for the client after the call started
We recommend going through our testing guide to make sure everything works as expected.

What platforms are supported by Boutiq (for both client and host apps)?

For the best experience we recommend using the biggest screen that is convenient - typically a laptop/desktop or a tablet. 
For Hosts, an iPad app is available on the Apple app-store (the browser version on the iPad is supported only when the screen is on).
In the current version, for Hosts, mobile phones are not supported.
For Clients, mobile phones are supported but for iPhones/iPads (iOS) only Safari is supported (currently Apple/iOS does not support in-browser video/audio in any browser other than Safari).

Can I install Boutiq on more than one Shopify store?

Yes. Each store is a separate Shopify app install.
You can use the same Boutiq user account to admin more than one store (tip: on the Admin creation step, choose “Already have an account” when you go through the onboarding).
As an Admin, when you go through your Shopify shop admin console, you will automatically be redirected to the correct Admin UI for Boutiq

Can I install Boutiq on my development store?

Boutiq can be installed on development stores only if you have a payment method associated with your dev store. Currently we offer a 30 day free trial but no special subscriptions for dev stores.

How do I uninstall Boutiq?

From your Shopify admin UI, go to Apps and then Delete the Boutiq App.
If you do choose to delete Boutiq, we would greatly appreciate if you send us an email with feedback to We are always striving to do better.

Hosts (Sales Associates)

What are hosts?

Hosts are your sales associates that answer your clients calls.

How to manage (add/delete) hosts?

In the Boutiq app admin UI go to Settings and then under Hosts you can:
- Invite additional hosts (up to your plan’s limit)
- Delete existing hosts
- See the status of your pending host invitations

Can I be a host in more than one store?

Yes. As a host you can be invited to multiple stores using the same email address.
You can toggle between your stores on the top-left of the Host Homepage screen (where your store name is).

How does a host answer a video-call?

When a video-call comes in, hosts will see a notification on the screen (when logging in to the Boutiq Host App make sure to allow push notifications). They can just click on the notification to accept the call and the video-call will start.

Who determines which host takes an incoming video call?

It depends on the Call Policy setting. By default, an incoming instant call goes to all available hosts and the first one to answer will receive it.
You can also change the Call Policy to “Single host” - in this case, incoming instant calls will rotate across all available hosts - one host at a time.
Regardless of the Call Policy setting, calls that are made by appointment (or by invitation) will be routed only to the Host that accepted the pending appointment request (or the host that created the invitation).
More options and flexibility are coming...

Can a host invite a client to a video call?

Yes. From the Host Admin UI, the host can do the following:
- Click the “Invite a Client” button
- Search or enter the client name
- Enter the client email (if the client name was found in your client list, the email will automatically be populated)
- Click “Create Link”
A unique link will be created for the specific client and the host can copy that link into an email and send it to the client.
When the client receives the link, she can click on it and start a video call.
(Invite links can be used more than once and they are valid for 7 days.)

Can a host set personal availability hours?

Yes. Each host can set her/his own availability hours on the Host Admin UI (click the host name to expand the menu options).
By default, each host availability is determined by the store business hours (configured in the Admin UI). However, each host can override these settings and set personal availability hours. 
These settings will also impact the availability slots clients see when they try to schedule an appointment with the store. For a specific time-slot to be available it needs to be within at least one host’s available hours.
When hosts accept appointments, that will also be reflected in the remaining available time-slots for new appointments. If all available hosts are already committed to appointments in a given time-slot, that time-slot will not be available for additional appointments.

How can a host upload her profile picture?

From the Host homepage, click Settings (top-right) and then ‘Profile Details’. There you’ll have the option to update your profile picture. Your (and other hosts’) profile picture will be presented to clients when they open the Boutiq app.

How can I evaluate how my hosts are doing?

Boutiq includes a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to monitor your hosts performance. For each host you can track call stats (e.g. number of calls, average call time), sales stats (e.g. sales, AOV, conversion rate) and use more advanced sales intelligence tools (e.g. air-time split).

Where does the host need to be to answer video calls?

Hosts can answer calls from home, one of your physical stores, your HQ, or anywhere else they can be productive. All they need is a device and good network connectivity for a video call.


How many admins can I have?

Currently there’s a single administrator for the Boutiq App - the same user who installed the Boutiq app on the shop.
More are coming soon...

What can admins do?

Administrators can:
- Install/uninstall the Boutiq app
- View the Boutiq dashboard
- Invite and manage hosts
- Customize how Boutiq is added to your online store (widget, styling)
- Configure business hours and appointment settings
- Manage and customize (email) notifications
- Manage integrations
- Manage app terminology
- Select subscription plan

Can admins also host video calls?

Yes, admins can also be hosts and answer video calls. In fact, when admins first install the Boutiq app, we automatically add them as hosts.


What client information can the host see?

For each client, the host can see a complete profile based on the information in her Shopify account:
- Key metrics: total spend, average and max baskets
- Attributes: last purchase date, sizes, credit, total refunds, and general notes
- Purchase history
- Browsing history
- Personalized recommendations
You can also customize what attributes to display in the Admin UI under Host Experience

How to search for clients?

On the Host screen, make sure the toggle in the top-right is on CLIENTS mode and then search for your client profile. Boutiq will then search for that client in your Shopify client database.

How to search for products?

On the Host screen, make sure the toggle in the top-right is on STORE mode and then search for the product/item you’re looking for. Boutiq will then search for that item in your Shopify product database.

Can I search for Collections or Lookbooks for a client?

Yes, the Boutiq product search will go through all your Shopify tags. There are a couple of ways to leverage this option:
- Collections - on the Shopify Admin, you can create tags and assign them to products to indicate collections (e.g. “Summer 2021”)
- Lookbooks - you can also tag products for a specific client to create a lookbook (e.g. “Made for Jane”). You can do that after doing some research on the client before the scheduled call by reviewing her pre-call questionnaire and/or maybe her social media feeds.

What is and how can I use the interactive showroom for?

The interactive showroom is where the host and the client can share and review together products  (“how about this?”) and add them to the shopping cart if the client likes them. Same as they would do in a physical store.
For example: a host can search for an item she thinks the client would like, add that item to the interactive showroom and that item will instantly appear in the showroom of the client. Then the client can click the item to inspect it in detail, choose variants, and so on.

How do I know what product my client is looking at?
Can I take control and present to the client a specific product or variant?

After you shared a product in the interactive showroom, you will be able to see whether your client is looking at the Showroom or Shopping Cart, and which product/image she is actually looking at - it will be marked with a green frame.
At any point, if you want to “take control” and show her a specific image or product beyond just sharing it in the Showroom, you can click on that product and then start “Presentation Mode”.

What is the difference between Showroom, Shopping Cart, and Checkout?

During the Boutiq video-call interaction, a product might follow the following steps:

- Showroom (“look at this”) - both the client and the host can add products/items to the interactive Showroom so they can both review and discuss them together 

- Shopping Cart (“I like it”) - when the client likes an item she can add it to the shopping cart (same as on your online store). At this point, she also has to choose variants (e.g. size, color) if relevant.

- Checkout (“I want it”) - when she’s ready to complete the purchase, the client can click the checkout button and follow your standard Shopify-based checkout process in a new tab (Boutiq does not take and process payments directly from your clients - they will be using your standard Shopify checkout.)

How can a client edit the shopping cart?

Like any Shopify-based Shopping Cart, the client can view all items, choose/change variants (e.g. color, size), and add/remove items.

How to choose product variants for checkout?

Like any purchase on your online store, if an item has variants (e.g. color, size, …), they will be available for the client to choose when they add it to the showroom/shopping cart. By clicking on the item all the relevant information will be displayed including potential variant choices.

How can a client check-out during the video call?

When the client is ready to check-out, she can view the cart, edit any of the items as needed, and continue to checkout similar to any purchase on your online store.
When the client clicks the checkout button, a new tab opens with the standard Shopify-based checkout experience. (Boutiq does not take and process payments directly from your clients - they will be using your standard Shopify checkout.)
When she’s done with the checkout process, the client can go back to the video-call tab - the video-call will still be available.

Will the host know the client completed the checkout?

Yes. When the client completes the checkout process during a video-call, the host is automatically notified (and congratulated). The host can not see the checkout screen of the client and/or the credit-card/payment information.

What happens to the shopping cart if the client did not checkout during the video call?

If the client started the checkout process by clicking the Checkout button, all items in the shopping cart will be saved in your online store shopping cart after the video-call so the client can complete the checkout process after the call if she desires.

If the client did not start the checkout process currently the items in the Boutiq shopping cart are not automatically saved into your store shopping cart after the call. 
If the client wants to wait with the checkout, the host can guide her to start the checkout process and not complete it so the items will be saved for later.

Items in the Showroom (but not in the Shopping Cart) are not saved after the video-call.

Can a host apply a discount to the client’s cart during the call?

Yes. Many times during a sales call you would want to offer a special discount to your clients. The host can do that by applying a discount code to the client cart by clicking a button and entering the promo code in the Boutiq app. 
Like any other discount codes there are some rules enforced by Shopify:
- These discounts need to be first created in the Shopify Admin console (Boutiq will check if a discount exists, active, and not expired before applying it)
- The discount code will apply only when the client checks-out from the Boutiq app and is applied to the cart only during checkout - the client will see the code and actual discount in the shop checkout screen.
- All the usual Shopify rules for discount still apply - for example: you cannot have an automatic discount at the same time as a discount code.

Can I also chat with the client while on the video call?

Coming soon...

Can I share my screen with the client?

Yes, a host can share her/his screen with the client on the video call. You can do that using the share-screen button (next to the mute/video control).
However, always be aware that the host screen might include some personal and/or confidential information so make sure to use it with discretion.

Can the client share their screen with me?

Not currently. We’d love to hear if you need it:

Does Boutiq work on mobile devices?

For best experience we recommend using the biggest screen that is convenient - typically a laptop/desktop or a tablet.
In the current version, mobile phones are not supported.


How is the Boutiq chat different from other chat services?
I already have a chat widget/bot service, can I disable the chat on Boutiq?

The Boutiq chat was designed to address a couple of common use cases: (1) a graceful way to start a video call starting with chat-based conversation (“let’s hop on a video call”), and (2) merchants’ need for a simple chat service to address simple questions.
Some of our customers have an existing and separate chat service/widget and choose to continue and use it. These services tend to have a complete set of chat-related features and are optimized for transactional questions such as order status and returns.
In these cases, you can choose to disable the chat feature in the Boutiq Admin UI.

How do I determine who’s answering incoming chat messages?

When a client starts a new chat session, all hosts will receive a notification and see the new session as Pending. The first to respond, can claim the chat session and at that point it becomes Active for the host that accepted it.

Can I start a Boutiq video call from a chat session?

Yes. Simply click the video-call button.

What happens if no sales associate is available to answer an incoming chat session?

Chat will be available when at least one Host is within her availability hours (set on the Boutiq Host Settings). If a client tries to start a chat session outside of these hours, she will be redirected to leave you a message.

Subscription Plans

Which subscription package do I need?

Boutiq subscription packages vary based on the number of hosts allowed and monthly video hours. 
When you start you have a 30-day free trial that includes up to five hosts and fifty monthly video hours. When you’re ready you can choose one of the three plans available:
- LITE: up to 5 hosts and 50 monthly video hours 
- PRO: up to 30 hosts and 300 monthly video hours
- ADVANCED: up to 100 hosts and 1000 monthly video hours

If you want to use more monthly video hours than your current package limit you can do one of the following:
- Upgrade to the next tier
- Continue using the current plan and pay for extra hours on a per-hour basis (see details here)

You can always change your subscription plan based on your needs - in the Boutiq Admin UI under Settings go to the Subscription and Fees section and click “Manage subscription”.
For more information see our pricing page.

Can I change plans later?

Yes. You can always change your subscription plan based on your needs - in the Boutiq Admin UI under Settings go to the Subscription and Fees section and click “Manage subscription”.

How do you determine sales-based fees?

When the client clicks the checkout button during the Boutiq video call, we mark the order created by Shopify with a Boutiq tag. This way we can track and report the items that were purchased via the Boutiq platform. (You can also filter and see all the orders marked with the “BoutiqApp” tag in your Shopify Admin UI.)

The sales-based fee is calculated by multiplying:
- Your plan rate, and
- The total amount of sales through the Boutiq app

For example: if you’re on the LITE plan, your rate is 3.00%. If your clients purchased items at a total of $10,000 during the month, your monthly sales fees will be $300 (3% out of $10,000).

How do you determine extra video hours?

Each subscription plan comes with a package of monthly video hours (e.g. the LITE plan includes 50 monthly video hours). If you exceed the monthly video hours in your plan, you will be charged on a per-hour basis according to your plan rate (e.g. the rate for the LITE plan is $1.50 per extra-hour, or part thereof).

For example: if you’re on the LITE plan and you used 51.5 hours during the month:
- 50 hours are included in your plan (no additional fees)
- 1.5 hours are “extra” and you will be charged for 2 hours at $1.50 per hour: $3.00.

You can track the monthly video hours on the Boutiq admin UI: go to the Subscription and Fees section under Settings and click Manage Subscription. There you can see the number of video hours used in the current month.

How do you determine the number of hosts?

You can see the number of hosts on the Boutiq admin UI: go to the Hosts section under Settings. There you can see the number and list of current hosts as well as manage them.
Note that hosts that were invited but have not accepted the invitation yet still count as hosts. You can always cancel the invitation and delete them.


Where can I find the Boutiq dashboard?

The Boutiq dashboard is in the Admin UI. From the Shopify admin UI for your store go to Apps and then choose Boutiq.

Who can access the Boutiq dashboard?

Boutiq admins can view the Boutiq Dashboard.
Hosts can see a subset of the information that is relevant for them on the Boutiq Host App.

What metrics can I track on the Boutiq dashboard?

There are generally three types of metrics available on the Boutiq dashboard:
- Call metrics (e.g. number of calls, duration of calls, …)
- Sales metrics (e.g. total sales, number of orders, AOV, conversion rate, …)
- Advanced sales intelligence tools (e.g. Air-time analysis)

Can I filter the data presented on the Boutiq dashboard?

Yes. you can choose to filter the data presented based on:
- Date range
- Host(s)

Where can I find details on call history and closed sales?

On the admin navigation bar under Call History you can generate a report detailing the entire call history for your store including information on missed calls, which sales associates hosted calls, and whether a call resulted in a checkout (and for what amount). 
You can use this information to follow up with your clients (whether their call was completed or missed) and to compensate your sales associates if they are on performance-based commission.

Can I compare hosts performance on the Boutiq dashboard?

Yes, you can filter the dashboard data based on Host and also compare between Hosts.

How can I track Boutiq engagement and performance on Google Analytics?
I’m running an ad campaign. How do I correlate that with actual Boutiq calls?

You can set your Google Analytics account in the Boutiq Admin (under Integrations). Boutiq Will report the following events to your Google Analytics property:
- Client app opened
- Video call started
- Video call scheduled
- Items added to cart
- Checkout started


When do I get billed and charged for sales through the Boutiq app?

When your clients use the Boutiq app to start a checkout, we mark these transactions with a tag. When the checkout is complete and paid you are billed based on your plan for a percentage of the sale (e.g. 3.00% of sales for the LITE plan). Then on a monthly basis, Shopify collects the sales-based fees.

Do I get charged for sales that happened not through the Boutiq app?

No. We only charge sales-based fees when we help you selling! We do not charge sales-based fees for sales that happened through your storefront and are unrelated to Boutiq video calls.

What happens if the client returns an item that was purchased on a Boutiq call?

Like Shopify and your credit card company, in cases of returns and refunds, we will refund the relevant sales-based fee.


When clients try video calling they get a “Sorry, we’re closed right now for video calls” message. What should I do?

This message means the store is outside of business hours.
Clients can either schedule an appointment for a later time or leave a message.
You can change the store business hours on the Admin UI under Availability and business hours.

When clients try video calling they get a “Uh oh… the store is busy right now and can’t take your video call” message. What should I do?

This message means no host has answered the call. It can happen in one of the following cases:
- No host has set her/his status to Available
- All your available hosts are busy on other calls
- None of the available hosts has answered the incoming call (they might have been busy doing something else and missed the call)
Clients can try again, schedule an appointment for a later time, or leave a message.
You can set the host availability status in the Host Homepage.

How can I reach my client if the video call got disconnected?

When the client initiates a video-call her information is available to the host in the following cases:
- The client was logged in to your online store - Boutiq Will automatically present the client profile to the host
- The client provided her name and email address when initiating the video call
- The client provided her name verbally during the call and the host searched and found her using Boutiq Client Search

In all of these cases, the client’s information will be available for the host to follow-up in case the call was disconnected.

I installed the Boutiq widget but I cannot see it on my storefront?
The Boutiq widget overlaps with another widget I have on my storefront. What can I do?

If you chose the option to install the Boutiq widget on your storefront automatically, it is possible that another element on your storefront would overlap with the Boutiq widget. In this case you have the following options:
- Move the Boutiq widget by adjusting the Position under Client Experience / Online Store Settings.
- Change the Boutiq online store setting to “Manual” and add the Boutiq element to your theme by manually inserting the code. 
- Edit your theme and move the existing element