Meet Your Hosting Options: The Desktop, iPhone and iPad

Annie Clark

April 11, 2022

Boutiq hosting experience: desktop vs iPhone vs iPad

Whether your team is remote, in-store or hybrid – their tech needs are going to vary and how they choose to host personal video calls will affect not just them, but their customers and sales potential.

Closing a personal video shopping call takes hard work, and a continuous effort to create a personal and seamless experience. Understanding how different host experiences work for your sales team, product assortment and customer is both an art and science.
So, what better way to decide what’s best for your business than exploring the ins and outs of each opportunity? Here are the pros and cons of hosting personal video calls through desktop, iPad and iPhone using the Boutiq app.

Going Big and Personal With Desktops

Your brand may be classic but you appreciate the bells and whistles of the full big screen of Boutiq. Hosting personal video shopping calls on a desktop allows for merchants to take advantage of the entire screen and see the full picture. When hosting on desktop, there are no compromises on what your sales team can look at: video feed, clienteling info or the product catalog. This allows the sales associate to really pay attention to the customer – beyond the information being relayed over the video call. Incoming calls are optimized for the desktop experience with a desktop notification that is easily noticeable for team members at a desk.

This hosting experience is ideal for those sitting in front of the big screen - whether your CX, marketing, eComm or sales team that might be at your HQ/office or even remote at home, or your dedicated in-store team. They’re able to be fully attentive and immersed in the call which helps turn these moments into a 1:1 Boutiq experience, where customers can feel connected to your brand.

Walk the Floor With an iPhone

Hosting personal video calls via iPhone allows for a customized experience. Where scheduling a call may be formal on a desktop, hosting via iPhone is reminiscent of FaceTime with a trusted friend. The ring itself is programmed to sound similar to a Facetime call which is great if your team is busy on the floor – they won’t miss  an incoming call.  And as just mentioned, the ability to move freely about a store’s space and share items up close is a massive pro, where the cons are being limited by the small screen real-estate – forcing a tradeoff between seeing and paying attention to the customer and viewing all the clienteling info and product catalog at the same time. The Boutiq iPhone app is still an ideal option for sales associates who are on the floor and can show products in real time.

Boutiq iPhone app showroomBoutiq iPhone app ClientelingBoutiq iPhone app dashboard

"At the end of the day, the best hosting experience comes down to your use case, how your guest will respond and what fits your brand and your staff and talent."

Boutiq app on iPad

The Best of Both Worlds With the iPad

Where a desktop limits your mobility, tablets allow for sales teams to take to the floor and share a personalized video shopping experience that goes beyond product details. Not only do tablets allow for a large screen and a fully-attentive experience, but being mobile provides a real advantage of showcasing your products. This is a great approach for sales associates who are on the move and taking calls in a hybrid setting: whether at home, office, or in the store. Creating a customer experience journey that goes above and beyond what may be offered through other host settings is a great way to grow sales and LTV.  Being able to take your customer through a store and walk through each detail makes the experience feel VIP and personalized. When hosting via the Boutiq iPad app (non-Apple tablets that are supported via browser) your customer and sales team get the best of both worlds. This is ideal for sales teams who are looking to provide a detailed experience to customers, showing them products on the floor, while also looking at either the clienteling info or the product catalog. And similar to the iPhone, the ring is also reminiscent of a Facetime call which quickly alerts the sales associated of an incoming call.

Hosting 101

At the end of the day, the best hosting experience comes down to your use case, how your guest will respond and what fits your brand and your staff and talent. Personal video shopping bridges the digital and physical by creating a VIP and highly personal shopping experience. Does your guest want to be chatting with a friend and see product details up close via phone or tablet, or do they want to be charmed and shown recommendations based on their style via a desktop. As the omnichannel sales associate and business continue to grow, it’s important to consider each touchpoint of the customer journey as you decide what’s best.

To learn more on your personal video shopping hosting options, book a Boutiq demo.

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