How Boutiq & Endear Helped RMS Achieve a 2.4x Increase in Average Order Value

Robert Woo

April 30, 2024

Customer Spotlight: RMS Beauty

The Brand: RMS Beauty

Rose-Marie Swift is not only a master makeup artist for supermodels and actresses, she has been a pioneer of the “clean beauty” movement that focuses on healthy skin and body by creating cosmetics with cleaner, safer ingredients – without sacrificing any of the beauty and style. That’s how she came to found RMS Beauty in 2009, leading the way in a new beauty standard.

Today, RMS has a loyal and growing clean beauty community who love the skin-nourishing benefits and incredible payoff that RMS Beauty provides. Through a robust e-commerce strategy and key retail partnerships that highlight the brand’s master artistry, RMS Beauty is poised for growth on an international level.

RMS Artist Advice page with Boutiq

The Problem to Solve: Cultivating Lasting Relationships

Like all top retail brands, the RMS leadership team understands that giving customers a personalized shopping and styling experience is the key factor in both customer happiness and revenue growth. Their Artist team, made up of beauty experts, are always ready to connect with their customers on a 1-on-1 basis, providing personalized styling tips as well as product recommendations. Their appointments average 23 minutes, showing just how meaningful each conversation can be.

To make the video appointment process as easy and effective for the Artist team as they continued to grow their customer base, RMS Beauty needed a tech-enabled solution to give their artists a better way to meet with and keep in touch with clients, virtually.

“We were looking to enhance our artist advice team’s ability to interface and outerface with our customers,” said Alejandra Tenorio, Director of Digital Marketing at RMS. “We wanted to empower our team with a robust tech stack that would allow them to not only book appointments and speak to the customer, but also help them control the customer’s shopping and to follow up with that customer and keep that personalized 1-on-1 relationship going that goes far beyond the initial 30 to 60 minute booking.”

“When you build that relationship with the customer, that customer is going to continue to come back to the brand because they look at you as more like a friend when they’re shopping, not just a random website,” said Becky Wulzer, Lead Makeup Artist at RMS. “They come back to you, the person who has helped them before with their issues or what kind of products they’re interested in.”

In order to deliver the virtual clienteling experience they wanted to, RMS had to solve a couple major pain-points with their tech stack.

“One was not having the customer data we could rely on to understand the efficiency of our [beauty artist] program, as well as the opportunity to optimize and enhance the relationships,” said Alejandra. “The other was to host the experience of a video shopping appointment within our own site, instead of using Zoom. That way, we could keep our customers engaged on-site, we could be able to add things to their cart, and essentially assist customers while buying on our website.”


The Solution: Video Clienteling with Boutiq + Endear

With these pain-points to solve, the RMS team decided to work with Boutiq for their on-site 1:1 video shopping solution, and with Endear for customer data gathering and continued relationship nurturing.

Boutiq delivers AI-powered personalized video shopping experiences to retail brands looking to both elevate and control their customer appointment experiences. By bridging the gap between online and brick & mortar shopping, Boutiq helps brands engage with customers with higher-touch virtual experiences that leads to higher AOV and conversions.

And to provide the RMS artists with the customer data they need to deliver that personal experience, Boutiq worked with Endear to integrate Endear’s robust retail CRM into the process. This was an exciting collaboration for all parties, it being the first time Endear and Boutiq were connected together for a common goal.

“I’d describe it as one plus one equals more than two,” said Niv Hanigal, Co-founder & CEO at Boutiq. “Data from Endear is fed into Boutiq and lets the RMS artist see the customer data in their clienteling panel: how much they spent, what they purchased, product recommendations, and many other custom fields. Then, after the call, AI-generated summaries of the artist appointments are fed from Boutiq into Endear which can trigger automated marketing campaigns. What’s nice here is the potential to go from great video calls to long-term relationships. That’s how Boutiq and Endear can increase LTV (Lifetime Value) together.”

“It’s been exciting to work with Boutiq to deliver this holistic experience for both the RMS customer and the RMS team,” said Madeleine Anderson, Partnership Manager at Endear. “Boutiq couldn’t have been more wonderful to work with, and we think we’ve delivered an excellent tool for RMS to do more with their customer data and to really get the most of their virtual appointments.”

Boutiq host webapp with RMS

"We have seen a 140% (2.4x) increase in Average Order Value (AOV) when utilizing Boutiq + Endear",
Alejandra Tenorio, Director of Digital Marketing at RMS Beauty

The Results

Since enacting the Boutiq + Endear tech stack, the results that RMS has seen have been stellar.

We have seen a 140% (2.4x) increase in Average Order Value (AOV) when utilizing Boutiq + Endear since the inception of the program,” said Alejandra.

“The RMS artists convert over 60% of their Boutiq calls into transactions with a perfect 100 CSAT score,” said Niv. “And then leveraging the integration, they continue to build on this relationship via Endear to increase the LTV even further.“

“The insights given have been tremendously helpful,” said Miranda Ellingsen, VP of Marketing & Ecommerce at RMS. “And it’s just been seamless from a leadership standpoint. We had struggles with reporting previously, so having everything funneled through Boutiq and Endear and having a clear overview of how our artists are doing has been instrumental. We’ve been very happy and really impressed with what the team has developed so far.”

“What was really unique and great as a service from both Boutiq and Endear was their teams’ understanding of our pain-points and where we were trying to go,” said Alejandra. “Being able to say ‘we might not have this now, but let’s work together on getting you that robust dashboard you would use on a day-to-day.’ That’s why it was such an easy lift, so to speak, on us. We were heard and they executed against our requests.”

Due to the cutting-edge video shopping technology Boutiq provided to RMS, their team saw an immediate lift to AOV and conversions. And with the data being fed into Endear’s clienteling CRM, the continued customer nurturing is poised to deliver even more to their growth.

“Campaigns with Endear have really been instrumental to the program,” continued Alejandra. “The automations. The entire email platform. SMS. Being able to reach our customers with more touchpoints. All of that is within the world of providing our customers an enhanced shopping experience, an immersive experience; and Endear empowers our communications to continue all of that.”

... And RMS Beauty's Customers LOVE the Experience

With a perfect CSAT score, RMS Beauty's customers clearly appreciate the experience. Here is what they say:

"All I have to say is OMG [Artist] is a gem of a soul, She was super informative and helped me with my concerns, Love love love your free service for makeup tips ”

"[My Artist] was AMAZING! Thank you so much for your time! So happy to have found RMS and am anticipating being a devoted customer for life!"

"This call was the joy of my day! ❤️ thank you [Artist]. Love, love, love everything about RMS and the team."

"[Artist] is terrific!!! She is so knowledgeable and I feel like I'm getting a great education in makeup and its application. I love that she understands I want a "minimalistic" look and she helps me determine which products will work best for me. She is very patient and does an incredible job explaining everything to me. Love, love, love RMS!!! "

“This was the BEST! I absolutely loved [Artist] and felt so comfortable throughout the whole conversation. I learned some really great tips and how to use my RMS products to their best! 10+/10, would totally recommend this little moment of self-care and exploration."

Thank you RMS and Endear!

To learn more about how Boutiq can elevate your customer experience with 1:1 video clienteling, book a free Boutiq demo.

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