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Boutiq adds the human touch to eCommerce by bringing the physical into the digital with personal video shopping.

Boutiq Host App

Introducing Boutiq Personal Video Shopping

Boutiq video

Add video in minutes

Let your clients start or schedule a video chat with your team anywhere on your site

Boutiq high touch

High touch experience

Offer shoppers personal service without leaving their home - from discovery all the way through checkout

Boutiq money

Close more sales

With your entire product catalog built-in, give your team the tools to build customer relationships and drive conversion rates higher

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Boutiq Experience

Online shopping has always lacked the high touch experience that can only be offered in person. Boutiq bridges that gap between online and offline shopping.

Boutiq's award-winning app enables omni-channel retailers to better engage, serve, and convert their customers online by providing a more personal service, resulting in higher sales, brand value and customer satisfaction.

Higher conversion and AOV
Online comfort
Offline touch
Better, more personalized service
Fewer returns
And your clients get:
Leverage talent in a flexible model
With Boutiq you get:

eCommerce with a Human Touch

In the pursuit of reach, retail has lost the personal human connection. From your mom-and-pop neighborhood store through the department store, Walmart, and eventually Amazon, retail is no longer personal.

Shopify has changed the trend line by allowing merchants and brands to easily connect with their customers, but true one-to-one commerce is still missing. 

Boutiq is adding back the personal human touch* by bringing the physical into the digital.

Retail: personal human touch vs reach

* And no, by human-touch, we do not mean adding AI-based emojis to your chat-bot... 😜 We mean online shopping with IRL human relationships and personal attention.

Why Boutiq

We were looking for a name that can express the feeling of walking into a store with the excitement of discovering that perfect and unique item and the personal relationship with someone that knows you and that you trust.
in other words: a boutique...

Boutiq is adding the flair of a boutique to online shopping - not in the narrow, specific sense of a small physical store - more in the broader sense of a boutique experience.

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